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Mill street, Dundalk, Co Louth, A91 TD3H
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Principal: Mr Phil McCaul

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Dear parents/guardians,

This might be a helpful resource to some of you.

Brenda Cassidy is a Mum of sensory children, OT, Sensory Educator and developer of the BRAINCALM™ program. 
• She is offering free 1/2 hour webinars on Sensory Issues seen in schools today. 
• Just follow the link below in order to register. You must register in order to get access to the webinar:
Kind regards

Bn Mc Shearraigh






Dear Parents,

I hope this note finds you safe and well. The books that have been sent home are for the children to complete when and only if they and you are in the zone! We want you only to do what you can and think is reasonable. You do not need any more stress in your life! Taking part in daily chores such as setting the table, recycling and preparing a snack are important skills that the boys can work on. Middletown Centre for Autism have a short video clip (8 mins) that gives suggestions on how best to support the children with regard to this area

Suggested activities

Geography: Italy is the country that we are looking at this week.

The children can colour/ paint or tear/cut and stick pieces of coloured paper (green, white & red) onto an A4 page to make the Italian flag. Old magazines can be used if you don’t have coloured paper – just encourage the children to find/point to the colour red/green/white and tear it out to stick it on the flag. Water and flour can be used to make a paste if you don’t have pritt or PVA glue and you can use the back of a spoon to spread the paste!

If you have pasta in the cupboard show them it. Let them touch, smell & hopefully taste it! Put on funny Italian accents. Sing the “just one cornetto song”. Have fun!

Show them where Italy is – google earth/ atlas or globe. Highlight that the capital is Rome and that Italy is in Europe.

History: The Romans

The children can make a shield out of cardboard. It can be as big or as small as they like! They can paint or draw whatever pattern they like or maybe they could google one on the internet and copy the pattern. Some of the children played with shields and swords made out of cardboard when we did the Vikings last term and they loved going outside and having pretend battles! For those who want to delve further they can do a time line and read up on famous Romans. Further activities on

Helping the Sick

Practice hand washing regularly with the children.

Read the social distancing story.

Science: The Living Body

After your child has done some physical activity encourage them to put their hand on their heart and feel it beating. (Or if you or a sibling has been running he can feel that heart beating). The children can lie down on newspaper or on the back of old wall paper or a4 pages stuck together or get a sibling or parent to lie down and trace around them. Then encourage your child to draw in the heart and maybe some other internal organs. Some children might like to draw the face or nails on their hands and feet. Talk about the bones /Skeleton and get them to show off their muscles! When lying down they could do some belly breathing. (youtube fablefy or

There will be more information to be shared today regarding the new Seesaw Portal.

Take care everyone.

Kind regards

Bn Mhic Shearraigh J


Here are some other appropriate websites which you may find useful to reinforce your child’s learning. (literacy, numeracy, music)   (movement breaks)!/login- This has access to lots of ebooks e.g. extreme weather, dinosaurs, myths and legends, space. 

The children also enjoy Jack Hartmann songs – google ‘Jack Hartmann’ and his songs are on youtube or they can be accessed via his website. 

Encourage the children to sing along and do the actions!

Another good website for maths games is : 

Story Time  The children enjoy listening to these stories at the end of their school day. 


Here is a link to the music programme we use in class. This link will give you free parental access to the lessons.