Scoil Náisiúnta Réalt na Mara Réalt na Mara National School

Mill street, Dundalk, Co Louth, A91 TD3H
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4th Class School Bill 2019/2020

Where on Earth? Geography workbook€7.90 
New Wave Mental Maths 4€7.99 
Just Write Handwriting 4€4.95 
Spellbound D€7.85 
Workbook Totals: €28.69
Rental Books/Resources
Seo Leat (Rang a Ceathair)€19.10 
Seo Leat Cois Farraige Leabhar 4€6.35 
Planet Maths 4€17.90 
Starlight Reader&Skills Book€17.50 
Children’s Dictionary  (CJ Fallon)€12.50 
Small World SESE (History/Geo&Science)€25.40 
Grow in Love€ 13.50 
Oxford School Atlas€17.00 
Class Novel€3.00 
Total to purchase books:€132.25 
Rental Fee: €27.50
5 x A4 Manuscript Copies€8.75 
3 x 120 pg  Maths Copies€0.86 
1 x A4 Plastic Wallet Folder€0.56 
1 x Homework Journal€3.50 
1 x A4 Display Folder€2.10 
1 x 120 pg lined copy€0.46 
1 x Plastic copy cover€0.29 
1x A6 100pg notebook€0.45 
3x Whiteboard Markers€1.59 
1 x Glue stick€1.25 
Copies total €19.81
Text a Parent/IT Maintenance€4.00 
Arts and Crafts€17.00 
Science Materials€6.00 
Sundries total €44.00
Total Book Bill €120.00