Healthy Lunch Ideas

The following guidelines are designed to help you:

Healthy Lunches for Children

Bread Bread or Rolls, Rice Cakes, Crisp bread, Bread sticks,

Home Made Cakes, Buns, Mince Pies, Apple Pies, Cornish Pasties and Pancakes.

Savouries Lean Meat, Turkey, Chicken, Tinned Fish, Cheese, Sausages Rolls,

Pizza Slices, Pitta Bread, Pop Corn, Pasta, Potato Salad, Rice.

Fruit and Vegetables:   Apples Bananas, Peach, Plums, Oranges, Tomato, Coleslaw,

and Dried Fruit, Vegetable Sticks.

Food Pyramid

Top Oil, Butter, Chocolate, Sugar, Biscuits and Sweets Fizzy Drinks

Second Meat, Fish, Eggs, Beans, Nuts and Peas

Third Milk Cheese Yoghurts

Fourth All Fruit and Veg

Bottom Bread, Cereal, Potatoes

Do’s and Don’ts For Good Eating


Do Eat Regular Meals, not one big meal each day.

Do eat as wide a variety of food as possible.

Do eat breakfast every day.

Do eat more fruit Vegetables and salad foods.

Do eat whole grain cereals and bread.

Do drink plenty of water.

Do use mayonnaise, salad creams and salt, sparingly.

Do remember to brush your teeth after breakfast and at bedtime.


Don’t skip meals or eat lots of snacks each day.

Don’t eat fried food, Grill instead.

Don’t eat sweets, cakes and biscuits too often. Have them as treats.

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