Book Lists


June 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian

In an effort to increase transparency and to inform our  budgets, we undertook a review of our class book list cost. I invited the Parents Association to give me feedback on whether the parent body would like

a)       To buy the workbooks in their local bookstore and get the remainder of the list in school.

b)       To buy the completed list of books through the school.

The PA directed me to continue with the system of providing all books, workbooks etc so we are ordering a complete set for all pupils. No books should be purchased outside of school.

Our bills show an accurate breakdown of costs (see overleaf).  This benefits parents as they see what they get for their money.  It also benefits the school as we know exactly what our budget levels are for different areas.  It benefits the teachers as they have to make informed and clear choices about what they order.  I am glad to say that costs have remained closely aligned with last  year.

In order to facilitate the collection of payment, we invite parents to pay half or all of their book bill on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th June in the School Hall.  We will also collect payment from 10am – 12pm on Monday 28th August (the day before the children return to school). The balance can be paid in full during the first week of our return to school.

Yours Sincerely,


Phil McCaul



Please note……

  • P.E is twice weekly. Please wear school tracksuit and runners on P.E days.
  • Please put your child’s name on all of his / her belongings (coat, jumper, art shirt etc.)
  • We encourage healthy eating in school! It would helpful if your child ate some fruit and / or vegetables at break time. Fizzy drinks and crisps are not allowed.
  • As no child likes to be ‘left behind’, please ensure that your child is collected promptly EVERY DAY. A note to the class teacher or a phone call to the school will be necessary should you nominate another person to collect your child for any reason.
  • School Hours :                      8.50 am – 2.30pm

10.30am -10.40am (Break Time)

12.15pm – 12.45pm (Lunch Time)

1.30pm HOMETIME Junior and Senior Infants







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