School Improvement Plan



Outline of School Improvement Plan for BOM in the area of Numeracy for the School Year 2014/2015

The area chosen in Numeracy for school improvement was Problem Solving. With support from PDST a school improvement plan is being drawn up for a three year cycle. The specific Action and Targets will be implemented in September 2015. The targets that have been met this school year include:
•    Each class teacher and Learning Support Teachers has been made familiar with the RUDE approach to problem solving in preparation for implementing our targets in September 2015. 
•    Each teacher received a list of useful websites to enhance the teaching of Problem Solving. 
•    During a CP hour, a survey was carried out amongst the teaching staff to help identify the areas of strengths and weaknesses in Numeracy. 
•    Teachers followed a whole school approach to Mathematical language ensuring common language was used throughout the school.
•    Maths Week was promoted throughout the school with an emphasis on Problem Solving and opportunities were given to follow Maths Trails. 
•    All information to do with the School Improvement Plan in Numeracy is displayed on our ‘Numeracy Board’.

  • Class Teachers designed a class based test to investigate where their class level was in terms of ‘problem solving’; each pupil in the school was tested; class teachers presented their results and comments to the Numeracy Link Teacher for further analysis. From these findings, our school targets and actions will be developed.

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